Set List and Stage Layout.

This is the standard stage layout used by the band (space permitting), however they are very flexible and can/will change to suit the venue on the night.


Standard sound feeds required are:-

Main PA left and right get full mixes. Side fills get a blend biased towards brass section but includes vocals and keyboards. Drum monitor get predominantly drums with a heavy kick drum sound. On large stages the drummer requests more keyboards, brass and some vocals. The Brass section have their own IEMS running a mono feed with mostly brass (well balanced but dominant sax) with a spot of keys and vocals adding but not loud in the mix. The Vocal section have their own IEMS running a mono feed with mostly vocals mix balanced but dominant lead singer. The lead singer changes every two numbers so this has to be watched closely (Sandra has loudest vocals, Eddie second with Cheryl the quietest).

Inputs are:-

3 Vocal mics, 3 Brass section mics + 1 DI (not always used), 8 drum mics, 2 DI’s on keyboards, Bass Guitar has DI out, Lead Guitar is mic’ed and DI’d.


The Play List.

DJ’s take note these are the tracks not to play until after the band finishes their second set.

This could be the set list on the night?

FIRST SETInstrumental Opening then,

WHO’S THAT LADY – lead singer – Eddie

SUPERSTITION – lead singer – Eddie

MIDNIGHT HOUR – lead singer – Eddie

SOUL MAN / KNOCK ON WOOD – lead singer – Eddie

NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK – lead singer – Rachael

REACH OUT – lead singer – Rachael

STREET LIFE – lead singer – Rachael

LISTEN TO THE MUSIC – lead singer – Sandra

ALWAYS THERE – lead singer – Sandra

SOMEBODY ELSE’S GUY – lead singer – Sandra



THE SNAKE – lead singer – Eddie

RESCUE ME – lead singer – Rachael

AIN’T NOBODY – lead singer – Rachael

LONG TRAIN RUNNING – lead singer – Rachael

HOLD ON I’M COMING – lead singer – Sandra

THINK – lead singer – Sandra

SHAKE A TAILFEATHER – lead singer – Sandra

LOVE TRAIN – lead singer – Eddie

I FEEL GOOD – lead singer – Eddie

MUSTANG SALLY – lead singer – Eddie

Encore track =

EVERYBODY – lead singer – ALL

Or maybe not we reserve the right to change it on the night to suit circumstances and timings….but it is an active sample

Click on any of the track titles to see the artists website link and read the lyrics to the song. Other tracks also included occasionally (see below) these are dropped in from time to time.

STAND BY ME – lead singer Eddie