Free MP3 tracks


This page will never go away will it?

We have been asked repeatedly to revive the link to the old Back 2 Miami free audio tracks so here goes here it is click on this link…. FREE BACK 2 MIAMI AUDIO TRACKS

or click on the screen scrape shown below to get there.

A warning the page that pops up will contain some older B2M lineup tracks and some live recording and some “JAM” tracks. What can I say? They vary from well mixed to rough mixed. From Live to studio. From old to new. Whatever!!! All I can say is that none  of these tracks have any pre-recorded of backing tracks or samples added to them (yes we use a reverb/echo unit who doesn’t nowadays).  What you are listening to is what the band sounds like when they play live. Honestly……they are that good. Ask Butlins, Haven Holiday Homes, The Labour Party Conference, Blackpool Tower Ballroom, Telford theatre and thousands more private clients. Go on have a listen.

So what do they look like live ?

Click on this link…apologies for the quality it is from an old 720p camera – we have dubbed the live mixing desk track over the top of the audio after 30 seconds so bear with it.

The sound quality gets better but the picture quality does not but, the boss said get some better cameras, so lets see next time.

Embedded Video did not work for you? OK, click here to watch on YouTube