The Sound Engineer

chris bowden

Chris Bowden, Contrary to popular belief he does mix at unity (technical term chaps). Man he’s looking old! However he is driving a state of the art digital “live” desk – well we say “state of the art” this one is 11 years old now……he still looks lost though. Where have all the knobs gone…..? Truthfully, this is one piece of kit that has moved the band forwards in leaps and bounds over the last decade plus. That’ll be the mixing desk not the old, fat engineer! It does not matter how much we spend on his kit he still makes it whistle when we least expect it or want it to……. Sadly reaching the end of its life now as technology has overtaken this bit of kit (Engineer or the Desk. Ed?). Well we say that, the desk hardware is still streets ahead than most today. It is really only the size, weight, plus the software that lets this piece of kit down. That and a few minor firmware niggles too.