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 Who are Back 2 Miami?

Back 2 Miami are a 10 piece, Midlands based, premier, touring soul band. Offering a complete self contained show at competitive rates. This year, 2019-2020, the band are celebrating their 30th year as a troupe of entertainers. Currently they are playing a variety of classical Soul hits that will get you and the audience moving. Back 2 Miami are both musically and visually one of the UK’s top Soul bands with the ability to cover many styles from the 60’s, 70’s through to present day Soul originated Smash Hits. Keeping their tradition firmly based on classic “Soul with 60’s Style and Attitude” they provide the highest level of professional entertainment whatever the occasion. All time classics from the likes of Sam and Dave, Aretha Franklin, The Commitments, James Brown, The Blues Brothers, Wilson Pickett, Stevie Wonder, Willie Mitchell and AL Wilson ensure their performances are always a success.

Back 2 Miami offer a full 90 minute show usually split into 2 x 45 minute sets (but this is extremely flexible) creating a High Energy, Party Atmosphere for all age groups, that includes a lot of audience participation.

Back 2 Miami features male and female vocals of the highest calibre with a vast experience in entertaining audiences of all sizes. Between them they have appeared on top rate television shows and fronted many award winning groups both nationally and internationally (one or two members have had previous “pop chart” success). Aided by a highly motivated foot stomping backline the band draw on the huge musical talent that lies in and around the West Midlands. All of the Band draw from a wealth of musical talent and training but share a common love for this musical genre’ and era. Many members of the band can be frequently seen assisting other musically based entertainments ranging from Orchestral events to Rock Opera’s. No we repeat NO backing tracks or dubbed vocals are added to the live performance of Back 2 Miami at your venue. What you see on stage are musicians who either all sing or play their respective instruments LIVE (no additional material is added via 8 track recorders or digital media unlike some other bands).

Back 2 Miami have extensive experience performing in many different kinds of venue from Bars to Stately Homes, from 30 to 3000 capacity venues such as the International Convention Centre in Birmingham. This has involved many different kinds of events from Corporate Functions and Weddings to Private Parties and Festivals even to the famous turning “off” of the City Lights of Blackpool.

From open air events to tents.
If you want them dancing all night….
If you want them shouting for more….

you need The ULTIMATE SOUL PARTY Machine.

You need Back 2 Miami, THE UK’s TOP SOUL BAND!

Full details on how to contact the band and a complete gig guide is included within the site.
You can also download free MP3 tracks from our CD and “live” performances.

Why should I consider this band for my party? Well read on for a few moments.

Back 2 Miami: Survivalists of a culture – the Northern Soul Survivors, what happens when the popularity of a culture fades.

Time takes it’s toll on every audience. The Northern Soul scene is no exception, dance routines are being handed from generation to generation but with every generation a new “dance angle” is introduced. Slowly the original energy and or direction is being diluted. We have to ask if this is also true in soul music, are we losing the original musical direction or  our more critically our traditional musical roots?
Whilst current music trends clearly indicate that that modern musicians like Moloko and Dave Bell recognise and promote their original influences we need now to ask if the original musical northern soul influences are being kept alive within the audiences of today and if so how?

There is currently within the UK a vibrant “live” Soul scene within which talented bands of semi  professional and fully professional artists tour “clubland” and promote tracks that haunted the Northern Soul Clubs many years previous. This new “scene” compliments the “pre-recorded vinyl scene” by introducing a wider audience range to “classic” Northern Soul tracks that, under normal entertainment circumstances, the audience would not voluntarily choose to listen too. Bands like this are known as “cover bands” and generally do not get sufficient publicity (because they do not play their own musical compositions).

In this new genre of “covered” Northern Soul, there are many such “cover” bands that include or cover classic “Northern Soul tracks” in each nights performance. It is these frequent “covered” reminders, that the now, ageing players or acts, jolt the audience to review or source the origins of the tracks that they recently danced to. This now leads to the new, next potential generation of young performers that takes an original classic Northern track and covers it in a way that reflects and complements the original and which ultimately excites the audience enough to sufficiently perpetuate the culture. This culture then reciprocates and allows the audiences to expand and grow under the influence of these new interpretations of the original Northern Soul track.

There are many “cover” bands that copy original tracks but only a limited few that compliment or enhance the original to the point of exciting the audience. One notable track is the Al Wilson classic “The Snake”. Performed by many “cover bands” but only performed by a few to the point the that generates substantial energy on the dance floor. Over the years this mantle of energy conservation and sect perpetuation has been carefully crafted and nurtured and now it manifests itself in mature single minded musicians that form large touring cover bands.

One such band that generates this kind of energy and enthusiasm is Back 2 Miami. This is a time served  semi-professional 10 piece touring soul band that takes young musicians with a love of classic soul and northern soul tracks and blends that with the new, modern styles and musical influences of todays street jazz, rap, rock, reggae and blues. This convolution of skill and musical influences introduces subtle modern riffs into classical soul tracks which re-engineers an audiences perspective of music that is older in origins than they are in years. Back 2 Miami’s version of Al Wilson’s “The Snake” is an example of powerful songs with dynamic energy being re-invented with subtle modifications to re-stamp their mark on the self perpetuating cult known as “Northern Soul”.

As in life, vocal and musical apprentices complete their course, mature and move on, and, in their wake, new apprentices step up and start to re-generate that atmosphere once again. It takes time to re-gain that mark of dance “respect” in most cover bands, not so in Back 2 Miami. This band follows (at heart) the traditional roots of the music and this enforces a stability of music quality. Fundamentally the basic track retains it credence regardless of the bands line-up. However, what time introduces is the individuality of musical influences on each track played live, which is why this 25 year old band is worth going back to see and hear again and again.

So go on book em Dann’o [hmm old Hawaii 5 “O” reference Ed.].

The aim of this site is to supply information about Back 2 Miami that members of the public may find useful, interesting or humorous. The sites content varies on a regular basis so frequent visits are a must to keep up to date. The editor of the site frequently adds items of hot gossip, little snippets, audio extracts, goofs or photos etc. All of these are intended to add a little humour or interest in our lives. We welcome constructive criticism and invite feedback, just E-mail your comments to webmaster@back2miami.com.

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What should I do next?
First look through the website. No its not merely hype about the band (although that is in there). It contains many useful features like links to original artists websites, a full gig guide, lyrics to the songs sung by Back 2 Miami, hints and tips on how to get the most from your PA Systems, free MP3 tracks and more. Go on have a look. Please be advised that the website is updated on a frequent basis so regular visits are a must. If you want to, you can join our mailing list and get live notification when the site gets updated. Then give one of our contacts a call (see contacts page).
After that leave the rest to us.

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